3 Reasons You Might Want a Home Reno

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June 13, 2018
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3 Reasons You Might Want a Home Reno

Your neighbor’s doing it. Your friend’s doing it. Your parents are doing it. Suddenly it seems like everyone you know is getting a home reno! So you begin to wonder – should you be doing the same?

There are several reasons people decide to commission a home renovation, each with its own varying degree of necessity. Here are 3 of the top reasons home-owners decide to take the leap:

1. Time for an update: The blue carpet on your stairs from 1981 is beyond retro – it’s plain old gaudy. Of course, old carpeting isn’t the only sign of ageing. Anything from bathroom tiling, to kitchen counters, to wall finishes, and something as simple as colour scheme can reflect a home stuck in a long-gone decade. The desire to update motivates a lot of homeowners into renovating, and can have the positive affect of adding a much needed breath of fresh air into a tired looking space.

2. Safety issues: It’s one thing to long for change – but some home renovation projects are commissioned out of dire need. Some examples of safety issues that force an immediate home reno are cracks in the foundation, roof leaks, electrical problems, plumbing issues, water damage, and mold. These problems can at worst affect the health and safety of you and your family, and if left unattended, could also seriously affect the value of your home.

3. You’re selling: You’ve lived all those years quite happily with a kitchen stuck in the 70’s, that crack in your front door, and a stained old carpet in your basement – but these types of flaws could be a huge turn off to a prospective home-buyer. Not everyone can afford to do renovations for an upcoming home sale – but even small, inexpensive changes can vastly improve the look and value of your home.

Some suggestions from seasoned real estate brokers include updating floors, changing your front door, improving interior lighting, and easy bathroom swaps (replacing a dated bath or even swapping the toilet seat can make a difference!).

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