Our Services

As a general contractor, Phénix-experts is able to coordinate all your construction or renovation projects, whether it be residential or commercial. We manage projects as simple as the renovation of a room, to large projects such as the expansion of a house.
Our renovation services develop a personalized design for you from the project estimation stage to the finalization of the job.
In order to meet your expectations in every detail, we take care of all operational tasks: Repair, transformation, extension of your premises, house or business.

Commercial renovation

Commercial construction also involves upgrading a company's facilities. In order to improve the functionality of their premises, several clients are helping us to develop more specialized renovation plans. That said, if you want to make improvements to your existing premises, or if you want to build a unique structure, share your projects with phénix experts.

Need a specialized accompaniment?

Our engineers analyze your project, write the feasibility report (sketch, plan and estimate) and manage your site. Do not delay in contacting our experts to start your project as soon as possible!

What sets us apart

Our interior and exterior design and work team follow building standards to optimize your facilities and provide you with the best professional equipment.

We offer you:

- A Team of highly qualified professionals

- Accredited contractor

- Turnkey renovation

- Free estimate